Board Retreat 2016

This year, the board and committee members came together for a day of retreat, reflection, and renewal.  We used this time to relax, get to know each other in an informal setting, and plan for the upcoming year. The focus of this year’s retreat was on the pillars of the organization which are Mentorship, Advocacy, and Education. These three pillars were weaved throughout the day’s activities. We enjoyed team building exercises, time to socialize, strategic planning and brainstorming sessions. We have a very exciting year ahead!

September 2016 Thursday Night Lecture Series - "Mindful Parenting"

On September 1, 2016, we hosted our monthly continuing education lecture series on the first Thursday night of the month; Jessi Heneghan, LCSW, RPT-S, presented Mindful Parenting”. 

The workshop series always begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Monroe Building at Hillside Hospital located at 690 Courtney Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA 30306. The Thursday night lecture series includes social networking between 6:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., with complimentary treats and mingling with colleagues. As always, free CEU‘s are provided to GSCSW members.

GSCSW and NASW’s 2016 Town Hall Meeting

This year’s annual Town Hall was held at at Hudson Grille in Midtown.  Our NASW-GA / GSCSW Legislative lobbyist, Wendi Clifton, Esq., discussed our very busy agenda this year. We are excited to have everyone learn more about the upcoming issues we’ll be advocating for this session as well as about the legislative process.


Post Election Response

It has been a whirlwind week since the election of Donald Trump. As clinical social workers, it’s likely we’re experiencing the impact of this election personally, professionally and through the voices of many of the clients we serve. There are still many questions to be answered about what the next presidential term will look like for the United States, but we are also starting to see some clear areas where we can take action and ways to advocate. Though GSCSW is not in the habit of making statements about candidates or political parties directly, we are very much in the habit of engaging politically on issues of social justice. This election has raised a number of social justice issue areas and people are reacting. Many of you, our membership, have expressed feeling of outrage and a passion to act. Others point out the importance of offering support in a politically neutral way, with fears and emotions being expressed from all sides of this event. One member responded with, “It seems our clinical neutrality and ability to contain pain and ugliness may be even more crucial now”. Others, have expressed great shock and fear.

Yet, we as social workers, recognize that crisis presents opportunity. There is hope. Hope that the issues that were once dormant are now in the spotlight and demand our attention and the attention of our leadership. Hope that we can not only offer compassion, support and empowerment to our clients, but that we also take time for personal reflection into the ways we contribute to the problem, or work towards the solution. Most of all, we believe this opportunity presents hope that we will share our stories, and the stories of those we stand beside: That we will share the voice of the oppressed with each other and with those in positions to make change. There is much work to be done. We as social workers see this as a time to act. For these reasons, we want to provide our members avenues and resources to get involved to support our clients, our leadership, and ourselves in our roads to recovery as people and as a nation. Click here to access a full list of resources for supporting our clients, ourselves as clinicians, and ways to get involved.

GSCSW Executive Committee
– Stacie FItzgerald LCSW, President
– Sherri Rawsthorn, LCSW, President Elect
– Liza Gellerstedt, LCSW, Secretary
– Allison Sweenie, LCSW, Treasurer


February 2, 2017:

THE POWER OF SOUND – Presented by: Lena Franklin, LCSW and Katie Alioto, LCSW

In this workshop Lena Franklin and Katie Alioto plan to create a retreat-style learning environment to demonstrate how neuroscience supports the use of sound with yogic movement for therapeutic healing. Clinicians will learn how to introduce and utilize sound while pairing with healing body postures. The intent is to engage clinicians in a mindfulness healing modality. To optimize this workshop experience, comfortable clothing is recommended.

 Click here for more information

 The Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work

Established in 1980, the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Workers is a state-wide organization of professional social workers dedicated to the advancement of clinical social work practice. The GSCSW Promotes Professional Standards Through:

  • Legislative lobbying and advocacy on a state level.
  • Presenting symposia, lectures, panels and workshops that enhance the clinical skills of its members.
  • Providing an Ethics Committee, which has defined a code of professional ethics and procedures for administering the code.

GSCSW Membership benefits include:

  • Use of GSCSW group email to promote exchange of professional information. This includes advertisement of hospital, agency programs as well as private practice workshops.
  • Networking and opportunities to meet fellow colleagues.
  • CEU’s for GSCSW events at no cost to members.
  • Opportunity to join professional study groups.

Interested in joining or renewing your membership online? You can now join, renew or edit your membership online and make sure all your information is up-to-date. Just login to the site and then click on Membership Renewal, or to join click here.