Board Retreat 2016

This year, the board and committee members came together for a day of retreat, reflection, and renewal.  We used this time to relax, get to know each other in an informal setting, and plan for the upcoming year. The focus of this year’s retreat was on the pillars of the organization which are Mentorship, Advocacy, and Education. These three pillars were weaved throughout the day’s activities. We enjoyed team building exercises, time to socialize, strategic planning and brainstorming sessions. We have a very exciting year ahead!

September 2016 Thursday Night Lecture Series - "Mindful Parenting"

On September 1, 2016, we hosted our monthly continuing education lecture series on the first Thursday night of the month; Jessi Heneghan, LCSW, RPT-S, presented Mindful Parenting”. 

The workshop series always begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Monroe Building at Hillside Hospital located at 690 Courtney Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA 30306. The Thursday night lecture series includes social networking between 6:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., with complimentary treats and mingling with colleagues. As always, free CEU‘s are provided to GSCSW members.

GSCSW and NASW’s 2016 Town Hall Meeting

This year’s annual Town Hall was held at at Hudson Grille in Midtown.  Our NASW-GA / GSCSW Legislative lobbyist, Wendi Clifton, Esq., discussed our very busy agenda this year. We are excited to have everyone learn more about the upcoming issues we’ll be advocating for this session as well as about the legislative process.


Join us on Thursday, January 4, 2018. Hannah Hawkins-Esther, LCSW, and Amy Stern, LCSW, will be presenting Mindful Self-Compassion.

Hannah Hawkins-Esther, LCSW, is in private practice at the Atlanta Center for Wellness in Sandy Springs. She is a trained teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion and a Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200). Hannah began her daily sitting meditation practice following her first Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course 5 years ago. In addition to co-facilitating Mindful Self-Compassion courses, Hannah is currently one of the instructors for meditation sitting groups offered by the Atlanta Mindfulness Institute.

Amy Stern, LCSW, has been the co-owner of Resolve Psychotherapy, LLC, since 2011. Amy has over 20 years of experience working with adults of all ages. She specializes in supporting individuals and caregivers coping with aging, chronic illness, end of life/grief, and related issues. In addition to her private practice, she regularly consults with aging service organizations and offers Mindful Self-Compassion courses. Click here for more information.

February 1st – Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Evidence Based Treatment for Oppositional Behaviors in Children with Mosha Manheim, LCSW.  Details soon.

New Rules to Implement Requirements Mandated in SB319

As you are likely aware, the Composite Board recently created new rules to implement requirements mandated in SB319 that apply to Georgia licensed practitioners. The final version of this rule that was passed by the Composite Board last month is currently before the Governor for final approval. Please note: It has not yet been officially approved. The Governor may accept the rule as written, modify it or reject  it for complete revision. We fully expect it will move forward and will be accepted. Therefore, we want to ensure that GA practitioners can meet the January 1, 2018 compliance date as required by the law . Please read carefully about how this change may affect you and how to ensure you meet the specified requirements.


1) GSCSW  maintains the language (and the spirit) of the current rule indicates that the requirements apply to both LCSWs and LMSWs (LPCs and LAPCs, MFTs and LAMFTs too).  This perspective is also shared by LPCA- GA and GAMFT. You may seek your own legal counsel for interpretation if you prefer. The original rule that was sent to the Governor’s office is attached.

2) The new educational requirements of this rule do not apply to everyone, there are a few exemptions:
•    If you have had your Clinical license for more than 10 years, you are exempt from additional training needs.
•    If you have taken a 3 credit psychopathology/diagnostic graduate course or course of equivalent content in College, and can demonstrate on a transcript, you are exempt from additional training needs.
•    If you do not work directly with people with mental illness, developmental disabilities, or substance abuse issues, you may be exempt as well.  Please use your thoughtful discretion here, and be able to defend your position. For example, this section of the rule is applicable if you are providing therapy, crisis intervention and assessment, diagnostic interviews, individual, family or group treatment, or signing 1013s. If you are in a purely case management position, or in a macro position not working directly with the above populations, and do not plan to change in the future, interpretation of this statement may be that it does not apply. We believe that through ethical consideration of the intent of the rule and consultation about your specific professional practices, good choices can be made.
•    If you do not meet one of the above 3 circumstances for exemption, you will need to take a 3 credit graduate level course OR complete an approved 45 hour CEU training program.
2) Time Frame: by Jan 1st 2018
•    Please know that the Composite Board could not change this compliance date, as it was signed into law this way with SB 319.
•    Based on information heard at the Composite Board meeting on 5/5/17, we believe that as long as you have shown due diligence and are close to completing the training modules within the early part of 2018, the Board may be willing make allowances. However, this does not mean in anyway that we encourage you to wait until that time to start even though we believe there may be some”wiggle room” in the deadline.
•    Please remember the rule is not finalized or official until it is signed by the Governor’s office. This is in process and expected to be signed off soon. We do not anticipate any changes at this time. Some clinicians may chose to wait until it is finalized before enrolling in a course or training program. Others may begin, knowing that the rule is extremely likely to pass, understanding that CEUs obtained also count towards 2018 renewal CEU requirements.  The way we see it, we are going to need 35 CEUs anyway, and this is an excellent way to obtain those!
3) Financial burden:
•    We understand this is a large financial commitment. We have been working with programs over the past few months to be prepared.     Both programs have a range of $20-$25 dollars per CEU. This is a reasonable standard rate for most training’s and CEU workshops.
•    To ease this financial burden, we have negotiated significant discounts for our members. (see below)
•    Please remember these 45 hours WILL FULFILL your full 35 hour CEU requirements, including ethics hours, for the 2018 renewal cycle.

In order to support our members, GSCSW would like to highlight two continuing education options that will allow you to complete this requirement. We have approved both of the two options listed below.

Option 1: Al La Carte. (To total 45)

Organized by Ruby Blow, LPC et al, and GSCSW,  this program option allows you to select from multiple CEU courses to create a training program that works for you.  There is a variety of topics, dates and locations offered. You will need to read the attached course catalog carefully and ensure you are covering each of the nine required content areas. Each CEU workshop is five (5)hours and you register for each workshop individually.  Nine (9) sections will need to be completed to meet the requirements for this new rule. Ethics is embedded within the programming, so that renewal requirement will be concurrently met.

We have secured a significant discount for our members:
Cost per workshop: $100 for GSCSW / $125 for non-members ($10 Dollar fee added  for registrations the week of the workshop)
For dates and locations please see attached course catalog.
Please watch video for additional information:

Option 2: Entire program in one place. has a package you can purchase that includes all of the modules. Go to to register.
Full program:   $1025.00
Pre-registration price for each module:  $185     Price at the door for each module: $225

As a GSCSW member, you can receive a $100 discount on this  program if you purchase the entire full program.

Please continue to reach out to us at if you have any questions. We will be glad to help as we can.




 The Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work

Established in 1980, the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Workers is a state-wide organization of professional social workers dedicated to the advancement of clinical social work practice. The GSCSW Promotes Professional Standards Through:

  • Legislative lobbying and advocacy on a state level.
  • Presenting symposia, lectures, panels and workshops that enhance the clinical skills of its members.
  • Providing an Ethics Committee, which has defined a code of professional ethics and procedures for administering the code.

GSCSW Membership benefits include:

  • Use of GSCSW group email to promote exchange of professional information. This includes advertisement of hospital, agency programs as well as private practice workshops.
  • Networking and opportunities to meet fellow colleagues.
  • CEU’s for GSCSW events at no cost to members.
  • Opportunity to join professional study groups.

Interested in joining or renewing your membership online? You can now join, renew or edit your membership online and make sure all your information is up-to-date. Just login to the site and then click on Membership Renewal, or to join click here.