Ethics Committee

One of the primary functions of the Ethics Committee of GSCSW is to be available as a resource for members and provide informal consultations regarding questions related to ethical issues in clinical practice. We understand that struggling with ethical dilemmas is difficult and recognize the importance of having support with decision making that takes into account the values and principles of clinical social work standards. Confidentiality is maintained within ethical standards. The Ethics Committee does not process ethical complaints; such complaints are to be taken to the Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists.

The other function of the committee is to educate, increase awareness, and stimulate discussion of ethical dilemmas which are often presented to us in our clinical practices. Articles can be found in the Clinical Page for your reference. There is also an ethics workshop, sponsored by GSCSW, at least every two years. We work collaboratively with NASW in this endeavor and to fulfill our collective commitment to the code of ethics for our profession.

In order to more fully understand the ethical principles of the profession of social work, please refer to the Code of Ethics for the Clinical Social Work Association at; the NASW Code of Ethics at; and the Code of Ethics for the Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists at

Guidelines for Using the ListServ With Respect to Clinical Issues

While the listserv provides a means of communication within the professional community, we need to be aware of the lack of confidentiality of this resource. Although technically it is for members-only use, it can easily be forwarded to or accessed by others who are not bound by our Code of Ethics. Since it is not a secure site, the listserv should not be used for case consultation.

The primary purposes of the listserv are:

  1. Announcements such as: Job opportunities, workshops, Office space (for rent or need);
  2. Questions about referrals;
  3. Other aspects of clinical practice such as: Looking for resources, organizing a peer consultation group, professional dialogue (excluding case information)

Committee Members

Carla Bauer, LCSW – Chair