Career Development


Formulated in September 2022 from the merging of the LMSW Committee and the Mentorship Committee.  The intent, focus, and purpose of this committee is to walk alongside members of GSCSW throughout the lifespan of their professional careers.To do this, it is imperative to provide programming, events, and opportunities around all levels of professional development.  Clinical development will remain a focus and intention of the Professional Education Committee.

Programming, Events, and Opportunities could include:

Job Networking Events

Professionalism 101 for the Macro and Micro Social Worker

Tips on transition from community practice to private practice work

Sharing of employment opportunities

To provide value to the GSCSW member, this committee will commit to having one event biannually (one every 6 month cycle) which can come from one or more of the focused committee roles.


Dr. Davine Ricks, LCSW and Kathy Woerner, LCSW 

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