Sharing Stories, Sharing Worlds: Disability Pride

GSCSW’s Anti-Racism and Diversity Committee is a community dedicated to dismantling systemic racism through many different avenues, one of those being through the exploration of diversity through the lens of literature and conversation. At our upcoming July event, the committee invites clinical social workers to come out, fellowship, and indulge in some delicious brunch as stories are shared about Disability Pride that transcend boundaries and that celebrates different perspectives that enrich our world.

Disability Pride suggests embracing one’s unique identity and valuing the diverse abilities that contribute to a richer, more inclusive society. As Social Workers dedicated to fostering positive change, it’s crucial to recognize the strength, resilience, and unique perspectives that people with disabilities bring to the world. Pride goes beyond individual empowerment—it’s a collective responsibility to advocate for the rights and dignity of all individuals with disabilities. 

This event is open to members and non-members. Please note that all registered attendees are responsible for covering the costs of their own meals. To register, click on the link below, and then be sure to share the link with a friend! Location: Another Broken Egg Café4300 Ferry Paces Road SE, Vinings, GA 30339

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