2023 Diane Davis Symposium

The Psychodynamics and Neuroscience of Novel Treatment RELEASE™, Presented by Deanna Chrones, MA, LPC, RMHCI, NCC, CH, EMDR Trained

Emotion suppression has been shown to be transdiagnostic of numerous mental disorders, as it is highly correlated to each of those disorders. This includes depressive, anxious, trauma, eating, obsessive-compulsive, and substance-misuse disorders, among many others. Learn about the protocols making up the novel treatment RELEASE™, meant to access suppressed emotions. Hear about the neuroscience of the exercises making up each protocol and specifically, how each one allows for the accessing of suppressed emotions, enabling clinicians to do the deepest of psychodynamic work.

Hear about a novel eye movement, shown to activate the locus coeruleus, which then douses almost the entire brain and the spinal cord in norepinephrine, thereby triggering the “emotional-memory center” of the amygdala, helping patients access difficult emotions like anger, long suppressed toward caregivers. Learn how differently this effects the amygdala than the lateralized eye movements of EMDR do. Hear about other brief, even-more-novel exercises meant to send oxytocin and dopamine throughout the body, creating a feeling of safety and self-love for our patients’ “Past Selves,” or wounded inner children, for further accessing of difficult emotions toward caregivers. Be able to talk about how somatic exercises further the accessing of early memories and the processing of trauma out of the body. Learn how RELEASE™ also incorporates a comprehensive, psychodynamic approach to defense mechanisms that allows clinicians to most fully help patients alleviate their symptoms, calm their nervous systems, and create healthier neural pathways over time.

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